Friday, April 14, 2017

6 Best ways of Link Building

To make perfect links you must try to learn SEO and link building technique.  When you will build a link you should think that this link obviously stay for long time. There are 6 proper link building tips for good SEO and building link for your website. 

            Footer links:
A good technique popularized by web design agencies and used by them to increases their website’s visibility in the Search Engine was to keep links in the footer of their client’s page with the wording such as “Theme by”, “Designed by” and so on. When you have a twice of those type of links and you do not use commercial anchor texts you will not have any problems. 

      Blogroll Links:
A tactic that is been around & abused just as long as is one of the web directory links. There is not anything harmful if you have 1 or 2 links and they are placed on relevant blogs. When it presents again a huge chunk from the back link profile it becomes clear to Google that those links are artificial.

           Forum Posting:
Link building by forum posting is very popular to blogger and SEO expert. You will find many forum sites where some people share their public opinion and leave their own website link there. But maximum forum sites must be sign up member. Don’t worry it’s free membership website.

       Blog Comments:
Blog commenting are another famous and the most perfect link building ways. Comments on blogs are often used as a way to get you known in the community. You relate to others people’s content and you make a conversation. When you are overusing links with commercial anchor text in these comments, they are going to be surely considered artificial by the Google. Maximum edu and gov website’s backlinks are permanent backlinks.

     100% Do-Follow Links:
It is not likely for a website to have 100% do-follow back links. Usually, a physical profile has a homogenous mix of do-follow and no-follow. People always make comments on do-follow blogs as a way of building links. When a website has an almost 100% amount of do-follow links it raises a red flag.

      Article Directories:
Article Directories are one of the best for link building. Article directories such as Ezinearticles, Articlebase are a source of low-quality articles. Their only purpose on the internet is to generate the page with do-follow links in their article contents. Because of this type of building link methods can be automated, a huge of people abused this technique and increased Google’s interest regarding this problem.