Thursday, April 13, 2017

5 Types of Unbelievable links & Link Building Strategies

Linking or Link Building is very necessary for getting valuable visitors and to get SEO ranking. You should try to build a link in the same related website or keywords. For example, if your website is or keyword find doctor, you should try to build link doctor or health related website. If your keyword is insurance, you trying to build link in any kind of insurance related website. There are 5 links building strategies in the below:

1.       Link for Link:
I am referring here to exchange methods of linking. For example, if you are a car for sell and you have links to several car services centers and old car selling centers around your area and they link back to you, it probably will not raise any doubt. But if you have hundreds of same links, not only from your local area but also all over the world, you are going to raise some flags back at Google or Bing.

2.       Money for Building Links
Offering money to exchange for building links or content that incorporate link is one of the obvious methods to accept unbelievable links. One form of practice that is not pronounced is obtaining links to your website after offering a donation. In a little number, it is accepted, but if you keep doing this, Google or Bing will consider it an unnatural tactic and might get in trouble.

3.       Guest Posting Links
Recently have added in the not so select group of unnatural link building tactics. Guest Posting may be harmful to your website if it isn’t done properly. To understand the blue print on this quality guideline violation, you will need to divide between polished guest posts and spams guest posts. You can say, what is polished guest posting and spammy guest posting? Polished guest posting means where an author proved his knowledge to publish a high-quality article. And spammy guest posting means where an author may be posting a little word or very poor article.

So, you need to treat consciously, because it may transform an opportunity into a problem.

4.       Web-Directory Links:
It is been around for a while now and it seems like it is not absolute link building tips yet. People used to abuse those type of website by placing links on hundreds of web directories. If your web site’s link portfolio has mostly those kinds of links you might get the unaccepted attention of the Web spam.

5.       Articles and Commercial Anchor Text:
It is a very good matter that people write about your products or services and link back to your website. As long as a man creates links in a natural way, using brand keywords or navigational phrasing like “Click Here to Visit”, “Learn More” or “Visit Now” etc. You will not have any problem. You are going to feel Google’s Wrath if they catch you stacking links with commercial keywords.

Those tips are very important and necessary for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Linking or Link Building to another website.