Monday, April 17, 2017

5 Easy Ways to Page Speed Up WordPress

As a side note, these are not permitted by importance or any measure and I have just gathered everything, I have learned around how to speed up WordPress page loads and listed them all are here.
I have given 100% guarantee that using even a few will help speed up your website. Today I write about how to page speed up WordPress

1. Choose a good host

When opening out, a shared host might seem like a bargain (“Unlimited pageviews!”). It comes at another cost: unbelievable slow site speed and frequent down time during high traffic times.

If you plan are publishing popular stuff, you are killing yourself by running your WordPress site on shared hosting.

The strength of your website going down after getting a big feature is enough to create a few shortly gray hairs: don’t is a victim, invest in proper web hosting.

The only WordPress host I continually recommend is…

2. Start with a solid framework/theme:

You must be amazed to hear this, but the Twenty Fifteen “framework” (the default WP theme) is lightweight and fast speedy.

That is means because they keep the “guts” simple; compare that to bloated frameworks which have tons of features that you will never use, slowdown your website to a crawl.

From my some experience, the fastest loading premium framework is definitely the Thesis Theme of Framework. It surpasses the free and simple WordPress themes by being far easier to customize.

It is an unbelievable solid framework that will not slow down with much plugins or custom edits. Make the changes right from the theme and avoid bloat, hoorah!

3. Use an effective caching plugin

Plugins of WordPress are mostly quite necessary, but some of the best spill down the caching categories, as they drastically enhance page loads time, and better all of them on are free and easy to use.

My favorite is W3 Total Cache that I would not recommend or use any other caching plugin, it has all of the features you need and is extremely easier to install and use.

Simply install and activate, and what your website page load faster as cloud are cached.

4. Optimize your homepage to load quickly

This is not one of the most thing but really a few easy things that you can do to assure that your website homepage loads quickly, which possibly is the most important part of your website because people will be landing there the most often.

Things that you can do include your site:
  • Show instead of full posts
  • Reduce the number of posts on the page (I like showing between less than 10)
  • Delete unnecessary sharing widgets from the remove inactive plugins and widgets that you do not need.

Overall, a clean and focused website homepage design will help your page not only look good, but also load quicker as well.

5. Replace HTML or PHP, when obligate:

This is one a bit leading but can drastically shorten your load time if you are formidable to include webpage load speeds, so I included it.

I did be doing this great post iniquity if I did not link to it for this tip, as it taught me how to easily do this for myself in a few minutes.

So go there and check it out in plainer terms than I ever could!